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Upcoming Workshops

Goat Yoga with Michele Landis

Friday 12/3, 6:00 – 7:00pm – FULL

Wednesday 12/8, 7:00 – 8:00pm – FULL

Saturday 12/18, 5:00 – 6:00pm (click here to register)

Thursday 12/23, 6:30 – 7:30pm (click here to register)

What’s better than goat yoga?  Baby goat yoga!  This lighthearted fun gentle yoga class combines floor movements perfect for beginners and those wanting to snuggle baby goats. 

The owner of the goats will be present to clean up after them throughout the class.  They are bottle fed friendly baby goats.  We recommend wearing no loose jewelry and leave your designer mat and clothes at home.  We are happy to provide a sanitized mat for you to borrow at no extra cost.  We can’t wait wait to share the joy of these sweethearts. $30 per person. Members receive 10% off. Children are welcome to attend as long as they are able to stay on their mat and treat the goats respectfully.  If you plan to attend with a loved one or friend make sure there is space for your entire party before you register as classes fill quickly.  If there are more than 2 or 3 people in your group we recommend scheduling a separate private class by contacting the studio. 

Sound Bath Meditation with Irene Clauser

Thursday 12/9, 6:45 – 7:45pm

Sound therapy has been used for thousands of years to connect the physical and non-physical aspects of our identity.  Ancient civilizations have practiced using sound to heal, awaken, and release blockages throughout our energy channels (aka chakras). Everything in our universe is in a constant state of vibration.  The frequency and the speed that an object or being naturally vibrates is called resonance.  Singing bowls can help reshape and harmonize the resonance of the chakras within the body that may reduce stress and anxiety, stimulate deep relaxation and inner space, expand creative consciousness, enhance memory and intuition, restore balance, and increase abilities to love, forgive, trust, heal and grow.  In this workshops, you will be bathed in sound waves that aim to guide you into a deep meditative state to increase mental and emotional clarity as well as inner and outer alignment. 

Cost: $25. Members receive 10% off.

This class is held in-studio only. To register, click here.

Yoga Nidra with Carol Parr

Thursday 12/16, 6:30 – 7:30pm

Yoga nidra, a Sankskrit term meaning “yogic sleep” is a deep relaxation technique and a form of meditation.                                                

In this practice, you will experience a state between sleeping and waking in which the body is completely relaxed as the practitioner turns the awareness inward by listening to a set of instructions; much like a guided meditation.  Yoga nidra practice results in profound relaxation and expanding self-awareness.

This practice offers documented health benefits including: calming the mind, relaxing and rejuvenating the body, soothing the nervous system, reducing fatigue, lowering high blood pressure and cholesterol levels, strengthening immunity, improving quality of sleep, reducing pain and PTSD, boosting concentration levels, supporting brain function and boosts creativity. 

Cost: $25. Members receive 10% off.

This class is held both virtually and in-studio. To register, click here for virtual and here for in-studio. 

Past Life Regression with Carol Parr

Saturday 1/15, 2:00 – 3:00pm

Workshop instructor, Carol Parr, explains déjà vu as that uncanny sensation you’ve already experienced something, even when you know you haven’t. Have you ever met a person and felt immediately that you’ve known them forever, yet you are certain this is the first time you’ve met? In a past life regression, a journey of the mind is taken while in a relaxed, meditative state where a person may possibly recall by seeing, hearing, or feeling any past lives they’ve lived.

If you are curious about perhaps getting in touch with a past life join us in the studio or via Zoom on October 23 at 2PM. There is no guarantee that you will find one, but most people welcome the meditative relaxation of their experience. Bring paper and pen to journal any experiences you may access.

Cost: $30. Members receive 10% off.

This class is held both virtually and in-studio. To register, click here for virtual and here for in-studio. 

Restore Your Core® with Michele Landis

Wednesdays 1/5 – 1/26, 5:30 – 6:45pm

For graduates of RYC® Foundations! Our very specific movement series builds upon the concepts learned in the RYC® Foundations course and applies them through yoga and pilates. Discover a blend of standing, sitting and floor movements combined with your body’s own resistance to load your core in a safe way that builds lasting strength! End each class with a deep relaxation. These classes will give you lots of practice with new skills and feedback from the teacher. The 4 weeks may be repeated over and over again. $85. Members receive 10% off.

This course is held both virtually and in-studio. To register, click here for virtual or here for in-studio.

Restore Your Core® Foundations with Michele Landis

Sundays 1/9 – 2/13, 2:00 – 3:30pm

.Our Foundational 6 week educational course is for anyone interested in learning about creating a functional body. This course brings awareness about the entire body and teaches concepts you will need to retrain your body to become more functional. You will learn all about the core as a system, alignment, breath and strategies for optimal movements. The course addresses all the major areas that need to be strengthened and released in order to heal from dysfunctional core and pelvic floor issues. It is fantastic as a stand alone course that may compliment any current exercises or as a prerequisite to our RYC classes. Each session focuses on a different topic with lecture and movements. Additional email support and handout resources are provided to support each weeks’ topic in between classes. This course is very beginner friendly and appropriate for anyone with limited mobility or injuries. $185. Members receive 10% off.  Weekly on Sundays 1/9, 1/16, 1/23, 1/30, 2/6 & 2/13.

This course is held both in-studio and virtually. To register for in-studio, click here.

For virtual, click here.