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Goat Yoga Classes – babies will be ready this November! Check back often for upcoming dates

What’s better than goat yoga? Baby goat yoga!   This lighthearted fun gentle yoga class combines floor movements perfect for beginners and those wanting to focus on snuggling goats. For our public classes, space is limited to only 8 participants to allow for proper social distancing guidelines. Each yoga space is marked with tape at least 6 feet apart. Along with our modern air filtration we disinfect surfaces regularly.

The owner of the goats will be present to clean up after them throughout the class. They are bottle fed friendly baby goats. We recommend wearing no loose jewelry and leave your designer mat and clothes at home. We are happy to provide a sanitized mat for you to borrow at no extra cost. We can’t wait to share the joy of these sweethearts!

Cost: $30 per person. Children are welcome to attend as long as they are able to stay on their mat the whole time and treat the goats respectfully. If you plan to attend with a loved one or friend, make sure there is space for your entire party before you register as classes fill quickly.  If there are more than 2 or 3 people in your group we recommend scheduling a separate private class.

Private Goat Yoga Classes

Book your own private goat yoga class at a convenient time that works for you!

Each yoga space is marked with tape at least 6 feet apart so that if your group needs to socially distance, we can accommodate that at a maximum of 6 students.  If you have family members or others not requiring social distancing, we have space for up to 15 students. 

Cost: $250 flat rate for up to 15 students.

About Double MG Farm

Located in Carlisle Pennsylvania right off interstate 81 which is convenient to many surrounding states. They strive for happy, healthy and well socialized goats. They have a variety of Nigerian Dwarf goats in their herd. They consist of goats with correct confirmation and heavy milkers that will do well in the show ring, or simply pets. Double MG Farm is happy to help pair you with a goat(s) that fit your needs. They treat their goats as family and we hope you see that!

Their herd is annually tested for CAE, CL and JOHNES. All goats have tested negative. They maintain a closed herd and any in coming goats are never introduced to the herd until tested.

Their Nigerian Dwarf goats are registered with ADGA, some dual registered with AGS.

Contact Marissa for more information: DoubleMGFarm@yahoo.com