300 Hour Yoga Teacher Training

Yoga at Simply Well partners with Pranakriya's School of Yoga Healing Arts to offer an exceptional Yoga Teacher Training. The program consists of 300+ hours of coursework and practicum, exceeding the Yoga Alliance standards. Completion of this program will earn you your RYT-300 designation from the Yoga Alliance.  Within this program you will complete:
  • 200+ hours of required core curriculum
  • 80+ hours of specialized electives
There is no application procedure nor registration fees to start our 300-hour program, and students do not need to take the courses in any specific order. After completing an approved 200-hour yoga teacher training, you may take the required courses as we rotate through them at any of our host studios. After finishing each course you will receive a letter of completion. When you have completed your coursework you may register with us as a Pranakriya Professional Level Yoga Teacher.

There is a $50 registration fee to review your letters and issue your certificate. With this certificate you may register with the Yoga Alliance as a 300-hour graduate of a Registered Yoga School. We encourage teachers to participate in our training courses in a way that suits each one’s interest, time and financial well-being.  Due to the nature of the advanced courses, we recommend students take three to four programs per year; completing certification in 3-4 years. We believe this allows for the greatest integration of the program material, opportunity to deepen your own practice, put the learning into your teaching and have time for reflection/questions before your next course.

Program Requirements

This program is intended for students that have already completed a 200-hour basic yoga teacher training with Pranakriya or any other certified yoga school. However anyone who is interested may attend.

Upcoming Courses

Asanas for Gentle Yoga
January 26 - 28, 2018
Living and being with our bodies is a tall order.  Sitting back and witnessing our experience takes time and practice.  Today's body is hurried, overworked, under exercised, stressed and depleted.  When exercise does occur, it is quick, vigorous and sweat producing.  We each have an opportunity to develop a relationship with our body through movement, breath and meditation that is unique.  This Gentle Yoga Teacher Training shows us another way to connect with ourselves, through the subtle and the quiet.  We do this by learning to listen, slowing down and paying attention.  Gentle yoga is a the bridge between moving slowly and staying still.  This program will look at various ways to teach Gentle Yoga to a wide variety of populations.  We will cover practices for more able-bodied students, chair practices and floor practices of exploration.  Pranayama and meditation will also be discussed.   Click HERE for more information and to register.

Hatha Yoga Pradipika

March 4- 8, 2018
The Hatha Yoga Pradipika is an ancient yogic text written in the 15th century. This text describes the original “spiritual technology” that was the purpose behind the asanas, pranayamas, and meditations that have evolved into the yoga practice we have today. Learn more about why yoga is the way it is, and enrich your practice by learning more about how it was intended to unfold. Pick up pieces that have been lost along the way. The translation of the the Hatha Yoga Pradipika that we will use in our program can be downloaded from the Pranakriya website resource page.  Earn 34 CEU hours for Yoga Alliance.  Click HERE for pricing and more information.

Teaching Restorative Yoga
October 5 - 7, 2018
Restorative yoga is a gentle inward form of yoga that invites participants to move towards greater balance, control and participation in their life. The participant’s body is placed in yoga postures that are supported with props. The mind is invited to slow down with the use of pranayama, visualization and mantra allowing the individual to turn inside. A restorative practice is a complement to any yoga practice or other form of exercise and perfect for almost any practitioner looking to experience a deeper state of relaxation and healing than Savasana or sleep. It is also a perfect practice for those recovering from injury or illness or anyone who experiences stress on a daily basis.In this weekend restorative yoga training created from the Tantric Hatha Yoga Teachings, the work of Herbert Benson and Jon Kabat Zinn, participants will gain practical, hands-on experience and skills to work with a wide range of populations. The program will include posture practice, pranayama, meditation, mantra, mudra, visualization, and use of props to create a safe/comfortable/healing environment. Participants will leave the training confident in their ability to understand the philosophy and science behind restorative yoga as well as self-assured in their aptitude to lead their students through a complete restorative yoga practice. Click HERE for pricing and more information.
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