Studio Renovations begin Monday August 20!

Happy Summer everyone!  We will be relocating our classes for two weeks while we make some upgrades to the studio. Please excuse our appearance as we lead up to the move.  We have a lot to do! We've made some progress already, check out the photos of the newly painted bathroom.

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Meet the painters


Below is important information about the upcoming transition. 


On August 19th our morning classes will be held at Simply Well - all afternoon and evening classes that day are canceled.


August 20th begins the modified class schedule at the church.  Click HERE for the schedule. 


All classes from August 20 - September 1, will be held at The First United Church of Christ, 30 N. Pitt St.   There is only ONE door that we will be using the enter the church.  It is in the back of the building connected to the parking lot near all the handicap spaces.  The church is handicap accessible and there is PLENTY of space for all of our students and many more.  The space that we will be using for classes is in the fellowship hall on the lower level. Once you get to the back door, there will be signs and staff to direct you where to go.



United Church of Christ, 30 N. Pitt St.



The Church is located on the corner of N. Pitt and Dickinson Ave (near Cafe Bruges)



Parking behind church - park here or walk from Simply Well and add almost 600 steps to your fitbit!



Back entrance attached to parking lot, this is the only door you will be able to access for classes.  Please arrive early and pre-register for class if possible, door locks automatically and our staff will be there for about 5 minutes after class time begins.


That last day of classes at the church will be Saturday September 1st. 


We will be completely closed, no classes, on Sunday and Monday 9/2 & 9/3 and we open back up at Simply Well on Tuesday 9/4 to our new full September/October schedule.


Please look through the online schedule carefully to see what we had to modify to accommodate the church’s schedule.  There are some cancelations and some class additions.  We encourage all students to pre-register for classes in case a funeral comes up and we need to make a last minute cancelation.


We recommend that our members take home their stored mats by August 19 at noon.  We will not be moving personal mats to the church. All of our props and yoga mats to borrow will be there.


Thank you for supporting our studio and helping us to make it the most beautiful comfortable peaceful space as possible!  If you have any questions, email us at 


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