30 Day Challenge

Join us for the 30-Day Yoga Challenge!

Who doesn't want more yoga in their life? We know you do! That's why we're challenging YOU to make 2015 your year of yoga! Now is the time to get motivated and supported to make lasting positive changes.

What is the 30-Day Yoga Challenge?
We challenge YOU to do 30 days of yoga with us. You get to choose what classes you want to take - hot yoga, gentle, restorative yoga, Pilates and more are all available in the challenge.

The 30-Day Yoga Challenge starts on Monday January 12th.

How does it work?
First, you have to enroll for the 30-Day Yoga Challenge.

After you're signed up, your name will be listed on a poster board in the studio. Every time you attend a class you'll put a sticker next to your name. That's it!

Awards and prizes will be given at our Challenge Complete Party on February 13th!  Our grand prize will be a nutriBullet ($120 value!)

Why should I do it?
There are many benefits to having a daily yoga practice. In just 30 days you can expect to see some remarkable results, such as....

- improved overall health
- stress reduction
- increased flexibility
- motivation
- better sleep
- clearer thinking
- reduced fatigue
- more smiles!

Not to mention the benefit of having started a regular routine of yoga that will benefit you for the rest of your life!

What if I can't come every day?
Life can be unpredictable and may get in the way of a daily practice. You can use our challenge to commit to attending class more often than usual: if you normally attend 3 classes a week, make your Challenge to attend 5 days a week. If you skip a day, if you can take 2 classes the next day to make up for it. There are plenty of ways to customize the challenge, but the goal is to come to class as much as possible to maximize your health benefits and make a commitment to yourself.

What are the dates again?
The 30-Day Yoga Challenge begins Monday January 12th and ends Tuesday February 10th. Awards and prizes will be given at our Challenge Complete Party on February 13th! 

Anyone can do it! For new students try our intro offer - it's $39 for 30 days; a great way to get started.