Sacred Energy Circle - “Metamorphosis"

This class is taught by:

Melissa Brehm

Melissa Brehm is an ACE Certified Group Fitness Instructor since 1992 and has been teaching fitness classes for over 30 years. Her current repertoire includes Pilates, Power Cycling and Meditation as she offers classes at a variety of businesses in the Cumberland County area. A Reiki Master and certified Modern Day Priestess through the Institute of Modern Wisdom, Melissa offers private sessions and monthly Group Energy Circles as a way of helping people relax, release and remember their power within to experience life in a healthy, balanced way. She is also an Amazon Herb Ambassador, believing in the medicine of the plants from the Rainforest to fully support and enhance the systems of one's energetic body. A graduate of Big Spring High School and Shippensburg University, Melissa lives in Carlisle with her husband Doug and adorable springer spaniel Gunner. She is the mother of three grown children.

She is excited to share her love of Pilates as a complete body workout incorporating Alignment, Breath & Core Awareness, allowing posture, flexibility and overall strength to fulfill as one's Divine Design.

Autumn reveals colorful changes capturing our Awareness as Nature’s Intelligence unfolds into Brilliant landscapes. This seasonal reflection of Beauty is a reminder of the same Divine Design imprinted within us All. The act of Metamorphosis is possible because as each Breath, one is fully supported by the Creative Presence Infinitely Flowing. When one’s Intention and Attention Consciously merge, the Synergistic impact can Manifest Mega-Change morphing any situation or circumstance currently appearing dire and hopeless. Focus internally and ask what is ready to be birthed! Embrace one’s ability to transcend and Surrender to an entirely New Paradigm based on innate Wisdom.
Energy Circles are sacred, safe gatherings for those attending to access the Power/Wisdom that resides deep within each of us. Every participant has an opportunity to speak their Truth surrounding the monthly theme or whatever else wants to be shared from the Heart. The group dynamic of being witnessed and supported simultaneously, as well as impacted by others’ shares, allows for healing and revealing to be magnified exponentially. Once every person is complete with their turn, the group lies down collectively on the floor and begins to focus on the breath to purposefully move energy through the body. Accompanied by music, the modalities of sound and laughter are also encouraged to literally break up any stuck energy and allow it to release. Each one’s experience is as unique as the individual, and there is a unified container of Love and Light amplifying the process of surrender. The Circle completes the way it begins, by once again joining hands, acknowledging the ongoing connection of all life, and embodying the empowerment of synergistic expansion.
Please bring a water bottle and a light snack to share. Grounding with food afterwards is important.
Cost:  $35