Amrit Yoga - Moderate

This class is taught by:

Paul Herzer

A certified Kripalu yoga teacher, Integrated Amrit Yoga Method, and certified Yoga Nidra Master Facilitator, Paul came to yoga because of chronic pain and inflexibility. The least flexible yoga teacher you’ll meet, he believes the measure of yoga isn’t in how far you can bend but in how peaceful you can be. With advanced studies at the Amrit Yoga Institute in Yoga Nidra, yoga posture and philosophy, Paul travels the East Coast deepening his practice through his love of learning and teaching. When not teaching yoga or studying with Gurudev Yogi Amrit Desai, Paul can be found chanting with Bhagavan Das or talking about beards. He is lovingly grateful for all his teachers both far and near.
Paul leads the Amrit Level I sequence from the Integrated Amrit Method. This 26 posture sequence is a distillation of teachings from 50 years in the West, and is designed to break the reactive patterns of stress and negative thoughts. Unique to Amrit Yoga the Level I sequence is a great way to destress from your day and drop into the Posture of Consciousness. Paul refers to it as Yoga's Greatest Hits, with a mixture of standing postures, balancing postures and floor poses with plenty of time and space in between. A pace slow enough for beginners new to Yoga to follow, with subtle alignment cues to keep even the most veteran practitioner challenged. This class is a unique offering at Yoga at Simply Well. Paul is the only active Amrit teacher in Pennsylvania.